Uses of Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds and leaf

Cannabis seeds have numerous health benefits. However, they need to be legally acquired either for recreational or medicinal purposes. Nutrition experts say that the seeds are a source of proteins which is easier to digest than animal proteins.

Healthy Skin

Skin problems such as patches and cracked heels are a result of a deficiency of fatty acids in the body. A single cannabis seed contains high amounts of fatty acids. Using the seeds will prevent skin conditions associated with dermatitis and eczema. Cannabis seeds are used in making face masks that leave the skin smooth and soothe acne.

The anti-inflammatory effect of the CBD prevents infections that can cause redness or scarring. The antioxidant property of the cannabis seeds help in the development of new healthy skin and cause dry skin to fall. The cannabis seeds exfoliate the skin, making it look shiny and brighter. Cannabis seeds are also useful in the production of some cream which can be used in hand and body.

cannabis seeds in jar

Nutrition Value

Cannabis seeds are a great source of nutrition for the human body. According to research, cannabis seeds have more than 30% of healthy fats. The fatty acids include; linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid which are considered as Omegas-3 plant-based fatty acids. Gamma linoleic acid is also found in the cannabis seeds. It supports the functioning of the body, growth of cells and muscles.

The fatty acids have antioxidants that promote a healthy heart, skin, and joints. The seeds contain proteins same as soya beans and amino acids. The outer shell of the cannabis seeds is a source of fiber. A three-tablespoon contains approximately 1.2 grams of fiber. The mineral and vitamins contain in cannabis seeds are; phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B.

Healthy Heart

The Omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve the health of the heart. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and arrhythmias. High levels of arginine found in the seeds turn into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is good for the dilation of the arteries and veins, it also keeps the blood vessels elastic and smooth.

When the blood vessels relax and dilate there is the free flow of blood. The seeds have proven to help speed up recovery after a heart attack. They also lower the blood pressure hence reduces the risk of blood clots occurring.

cannabis seeds

Reduces Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

Cannabis seeds are meant to relax the body and muscles preventing stress. The seeds also help control the nervous, muscular spasms and mobility problems.

The relaxation effect reduces the occurrence of epileptic fits. The anxiety experienced before sleeping is eliminated, allowing you to enjoy a long sleep.