Tips for Choosing an Online Therapy Service

an online therapy session

Recently online counseling has become popular due to movement restrictions from the pandemic. Also, many health insurance companies extend their coverage to online treatment, making the services accessible to those with insurance. There are various ways to conduct online therapy. However, most therapists use encrypted and secure video platforms that allow a face to face remote communication.

If you have slow internet connections or are uncomfortable with video calls, you can have phone sessions. Some sites even offer online messaging or live chats with a professional therapist. Since each therapist has a different approach and style, you can work with some tips to help you choose the best online therapy service for you. You can also read reviews of various service providers to make a better choice.

Here are some tips on choosing an online counseling service:

Check the Licenses and Accreditation

In most states, psychotherapy is not legally protected, and anyone can claim to offer services that appear to be therapy. It might not be easy to know if you are receiving professional, evidence-based services. All skilled health workers, including psychologists, need to be licensed by their state of practice. Licensing laws protects you as it ensures trained and qualified professionals receive a license. Besides, it provides you have recourse when you have problems with treatment.

Consider the Type of Communication

consider the kind of communicationSince e-counseling can be through phone, video, or messaging, think about an option best for you. Having a private and quiet place for your sessions is necessary. Due to the confidentiality laws, your therapist cannot conduct sessions when you are in public places. Also, when you need video sessions, you can run speed tests to ensure your internet connection is strong enough.

Consider Whether the Site Is Secure

For psychotherapy to work, the psychologist must ensure clients have a private and safe place to share complex and deeply personal stories, emotions and thoughts. The site or app needs to verify the therapist’s identity. While many platforms are cost-effective and convenient, you need to research before picking out online counseling services.

Consider the Frequency and Length of Sessions

Most counseling sessions take around one hour, but you might want more or less time. Also, some clients meet many times a week while some only once a month. You can text your therapist with some apps whenever you need them, as they charge a lower monthly or weekly fee. Therefore, consider how severe your issue is, and despite your schedule, you can have shorter sessions with your therapist after working hours.


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A Review for the Top-Rated Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

golfer holding a golf iron-club

Golfers can improve their game by investing in the right accessories. Players who have old or outdated golf irons should buy new gadgets. The following are the essential things that you need to look for when purchasing a golf iron include distance and forgiveness. It should also make it easy for the player to get the ball when playing.

If you are not confident of hitting the ball in the clubface’s center, like most of us, then you should look for an iron that won’t punish you for hitting the ball a little towards the toe or heel. Forgiveness is another important factor that goes hand-in-hand as the player tries to get his/hera golf club ball up into the air. Again, it is has something to do with the distribution of weight in the golf iron.

Playing with a golf iron with a low COG (center of gravity) makes it easy for the player to hit the ball high into the sky. Outlined here below are the top-rated golf irons for that every mid handicapper must consider buying.

Taylormade M4 Irons

These are designed for both mid and high handicappers. Their M4 upgrade club is much sleeker but looks more professional. Moreover, this club is well-designed, making it easier for the golfer to get his/her ball on target and up in the air.

M4s makes it difficult for the player to hit the ball off target, thereby improving their game. They come with a big sweet spot that makes it if hard for the player to know when he/she has hit the ball badly. Their small hollowing behind their face and deep cavity backs give the player more forgiveness and distance on mishit strikes.


  • A crisp sound is produced at contact.
  • On hitting the ball, it goes straight, thereby reducing shot shapes.
  • High glides and launching through the turf.


  • They aren’t designed for finesse-They are more for accuracy and power.

Cleveland Launcher CBX gold Irons

These are game improvement irons which are specifically designed to give mid handicappers the forgiveness needed when playing golf. These sets of irons have become very popular because of the high-quality wedges that make them an ideal option for average handicappers.

The top line of this club is quite hefty, but it has a long offset that looks minimal. This is what gives it a professional look. Their long irons have a large cavity back that gives the player a large sweet spot and more forgiveness. In addition to this, this club has a cavity that reduces back as the player progresses to short irons, thereby giving him/her a control-based feel to knock the ball close.


  • They are suitable for players who prefer hitting the ball towards the toe.
  • On hitting the ball, it goes straight.
  • Produces a crisp sound at contact
  • The club’s lofts are well-printed making it easy for the buyer to choose the right hybrids and wedges.


  • Not ideal for players who prefer shipping the ball flight
  • Its matte finish makes the scratches to appear more pronounced.
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What You Should Know about Intermediate Golfers

an intermediate golfer

Who Is an Intermediate Golfer?

Intermediate golfers break 100 easily, and at times they may break 90. They have made significant progress past the beginners. They are in the art of perfecting hits by lacking consistency. This category of golfers is in the position of understanding the clubhead path and what swing plane is all about.

Pre-Shot Routine


The pre-shot routine differentiates an intermediate golfer from a pro golfer. A pro golfer portrays consistency before every shot. They make sure every shot feel the same. Thus even if they face a tough shot, they’ll tackle it confidently due to the routine. The body and the mind will learn to calm at every shot amid challenges.


The pre-shot routine is the movements that precede a swing. They determine the quality of the shot. This begins the moment the golfer stands behind the ball, visualizing the shot, moving to the ball and making a perfect hit. This routine develops after a series of training sessions until it becomes an unconscious act. Intermediate golfers must work on their pre-shot routine if they want to become pro golfers.

Hitting the Ball Straighter

a golfer hitting the ball

If you’re having challenges hitting the ball straight, you can use some tricks to perfect this skill. Begin by standing behind the ball and looking at the fairway. Then select the spot you’d like the ball to land. This could be 10-15 yards away. They visualize a straight line connecting your ball to the spot. Lay your head low and fire your shot confidently.



Timing affects the shots a golfer makes. Is your timing perfect or you needed to make some improvements? If you’re not getting the shot you desire, then you need to improve your timing. The first thing should be to consider your swing. Are you swinging too hard or too fast? A perfect swing should involve the body muscles and legs and not your hands to arms. With a perfect swing, you now need to hit the ball with about 805 of your strength and not 100%. Practice the skill severally.

An intermediate golfer should not spend much time on the range; it’s time to play real golf on the course. After gaining sufficient experience playing in the course, you can then embark on perfecting the range and other skills necessary for an excellent golf swing.…

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The Most Compelling Reasons to Print Your Photos on Canvas

If a photo is to be memorable, then it should be in a format that is easy to appreciate. You can consider getting your photos printed on canvas because of the major benefits for both you and the target audiences.

Canvas printing is now available online at reasonable rates, and you should be considering this option above anything else. Consider the impact of saving money in the long term and making a presentable gift for people’s birthdays and other occasions. Photos on canvas attract great value.

Canvas Makes Photos Artistic

Since the onset of photography, representing images in the most artistic way has always been the goal. Right now, doing anything other than printing on canvas would be a waste because the material would not last long, and artistic pieces tend to have a rustic look. Only photo canvas prints can give you the desired rustic effect. Moreover, canvas comes in different sizes, making it easy to make accessories pieces as well as signature photography items.

Ease of Framing

Most photo developments come in their paper or canvas formats for you to choose a frame. If you care, then you can have the framing done for you, but that will cost more in shipping. On the other hand, anyone thinking of doing framing for the processed photos should go with canvas because of its durability. It lets you use tuck nails, threads, or glues for attachment. Moreover, the canvas is robust enough to withstand tension when you are stretching it to fit a frame.

Canvas Will Introduce Depth and Texture

The canvas is a texture you can feel, and as it reflects light, it also presents a sense of depth. Thus, it can improve the character of a photo in ways you did not anticipate. It can also stand out when used in a focal position in a room because the framing lets the image protrude. Alternatively, you can have a canvas in hanging with a half frame where only the top and bottom sides have supporting bars, and it will still hold firmly and feel life-like in the room.

Work Within Your Budget


You can burn money purchasing art, and a better way to stretch your dollars would be by getting pleasant photos and printing them on canvas. You get the same wow effect as a bought painting and could sell your art pieces for a decent sum. If you are good, you can open a studio to showcase your photo and entice clients to pay a premium price for your creativity. Meanwhile, your cost will be the shipping and printing fee paid to the trusted canvas printing company. You can process your photos as batches or send them as singles depending on demand.

Technology Makes Editing Easy

When ordering for canvas prints for your photos, it is easy to order specific features for the photos to improve the impression and also make them meaningful to you. Unlike other option, the versatile editing features for canvas printing also ensure that you can have anything you imagine transferred into the printed photo.…

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