Reasons to Get a Dog


Sometimes when you visit your friend’s house who has a dog, you wonder how it feels to have a dog. And it can be a forever memory etched in your head to have a dog, as having one is more than just a pet in your life. But, should you have a dog? There’s a lot of reasons to have a puppy in your house, and if you’re thinking about it, then you better read this article. In this article, we’ve written some of the specific reasons on why you should have a dog if you’re thinking to buy or adopt one, read this article first.


If you feel lonely, be it because you’re living alone for a very long time or you just lost someone, a dog could give you a companionship that you want. So having a dog is like having another member in the family, this is perfect if you’re a senior who feels lonely or you have an only child that wants a friend at home.


If you have anxiety, getting a dog is a good idea. There’s a study that proves that playing or cuddling with a dog can give you comfort and calms the anxiety in your body, which means you can go free from the drugs. This also works if your kid is feeling lonely or depressed from a particular incident.

Service Dog

service dogGetting a service dog will help a lot when you have disabilities. Service dogs are trained to assist you whenever you need it, depending on the situation. Certain dogs can help their owner as their eyes to guide them, or to alert them if they need to drink a medicine or to get help in case the situation went bad. Getting a service dog is a bit harder though so you might want to do a lot of research on this one.

Guard Dog

A bit similar to the service dogs but these dogs are kept as a pet and usually outside the house to guard the house, just like their name. Guard dogs can bark at trespassers or burglars at your property and at the same time they can also keep rodents away from your houses, such as rats or stray cats. Some guard dogs can also go inside the house if the owner has a pet door at their house.…

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