Top 5 Parenting Tips

mother-child love

What makes a good parent? At some point in life, we all find ourselves asking this simple question. Yes, being a parent comes with all kinds of responsibilities and expectations. However, did you know that being a good parent entails making decisions with the best interest of your child in mind?

Contrary to what you may think, being a good parent is not about being perfect. You have to come to terms with the fact that both you and your child are not perfect. Below are the top 5 tips to aid you on your journey towards becoming a good parent.

Good Role Model


You should not expect your child to practice what you preach without showing in actions. Understand that child learns from observing what you do. We are naturally programmed to copy what others do and incorporate them into our behavior.

Show Love

Contrary to what you may believe, loving your child will not spoil them. Loving your child, however, is not about gifts that compensate for your absence. What your child needs is simple acts of love, such as spending time with them and lots of hugs. Your child will develop a deeper relationship with you while getting a sense of emotional warmth and contentment.

Practice Positive Parenting

Giving your child nothing but positive experiences during early life will ensure that they give back the positive energy to people around them. Negative experiences will deny your child the proper development to thrive in society.

a mother taking to her kidTalk With the Child

Communication is an essential aspect of becoming a good parent. However, do not merely talk but also listen to your child. Keeping an open line of communication will help you determine everything that your child is going through. What this means is that your child will always come to you whenever there is a problem.

Don’t Forget about You

a healthy family

A mistake that most parents tend to make is forgetting about their well-being. Taking proper care of yourself will always ensure that you are in the right frame of mind. Understand that your health and the health of your marriage is just as important as that of your child. Create time to work on yourself and your relationship with the spouse.


We all make mistakes, and parents are not an exception. Understand that being a good parent is an endless journey that is filled with different emotions. The good news is that you can always ask for help from fellow parents.…

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